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Fresh woody musk

mat; Stone opens on a modern freshness around mineral Marine accord associated to Citrus and spicy notes of Lime, Angelica and Cardamom. For the heart, a Violet leaf note oscillates between the frozen shiver of Mojito accord and the fusing Woods electric heat. The signature is built with a mineral Musk, enveloping Cashmere woods with a soft strength.

Authentic freshness and strength. The masculine fragrance mat; Stone evokes a new and contemporary mineral coolness. Inspired by the emotion felt at the touch of refined, luxurious, and eternal marble stone. The contrast created by the combination of the luxurious marbled stone effect with the cut-angle bottle provides a unique and avant-gardist design, like a timeless sculpture.

Head: Lime, Angelica, Cardamom, Marine freshness
Heart: Fusing woods accord, Mojito, Violet Leaf
Bottom: Cashmere wood, mineral Musk

Natural Spray: 80ml, 40ml
Sample: 1ml

40mL, 80mL

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