Matsu Sakura

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Floral fruity musky

The divine delicacy of the Sakura flower is gracefully enhanced by bright Lychee notes combined with a juicy Pear. The Sweet Pea trail adds a romantic character to the fragrance while the sensual Patchouli heart finds an echo in enveloping crystal Musk.

Divine and delicate. With matsu sakura, Masaki redefines the word ‘delicacy’ with a unique, contemporary perspective. The spring season is like an eternal beginning where everything seems possible. Matsu Sakura recalls that magic moment when nature gently awakes and offers to see an explosion of colors, cheerful and reassuring. And in the air floats the smell of romantic cherry trees flowers.
The distinctive round matsu bottle, with frosted glass and soft pink color are symbol of freshness and femininity.

Head: Lychee, Pear
Heart: Sakura, Sweet Pea
Bottom: Patchouli Heart, Crystal musk


10mL, 40mL, 80mL

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