Snowing Rose

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Romantic and graceful, Snowing rose is a delicate fragrance. Fairy and sparkling Bergamot blends with the ultimate softness and silkiness of Peach. Pure and angelic, the iceberg Rose immaculate white shades burst the frost of a deep and cold winter. Her rosy, green vegetal notes with watery undertones build the heart of a fragrance, symbol of heartwarming essentiality. The divine delicacy of this queen of ice finds an echo in the natural femininity of Magnolia and Lotus blossom, together sublimated and immortalized by a celestial trail of white Musk.

An avalanche of softness. Snowing Rose is an invitation to discover a beautiful rose with a delicious scent, blossoming in a world of ice where facetious snowflakes are soft, delicate petals. A straight sides design bottle with white and light pink shade revealing the femininity of each woman.

Head: Frosted Water Accord, Bergamot, White Peach Sorbet
Heart: Iceberg rose, Magnolia, Lotus blossom
Bottom: White Musk


10mL, 40mL, 80mL

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